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What to wear at your first rave


Planning a rave for the first time is always a very exciting thing. There is so much waiting for you at the party that you cannot wait for that auspicious day. If you are so keen about going there then be sure to be ready with the best possible rave clothes. People really get confused about their outfit when they are going to the gothic for the first time. It is very much understandable as the dressing for such type of occasion is really special and a bit weird too. You might not wear your costume anywhere else again due to the so much of the style, colors and x-factor attached with it. This asks you to be extra colorful and should spend wisely especially when you are on a budget. You need to choose the right shop with the right type of attire that you are looking for. Further, it is a useful guide and would help both men and women to get rave-ready in no time. There are a few important factors that you must consider while deciding your particular outfit. The latest trend shows that with time, people are getting more and more crazy and weird with their gothic clothes.

The basics:

No matter, if you are a guy or a girl, just remember to be presentable and be yourself. If you are a shy person then this occasion is really not for you. You need to be bold and try to break all your shyness barriers. No one is judging anyone that day so you can easily be yourself. The other attendees would accept you for whatever you are that day. One important thing that can alter the way you dress at the event is the weather that day and perhaps the venue as well. You must prepare for the event keeping the weather and the venue element in mind.

Ideas for girls:

Kikiwears, t-shirts and phat pants are the most popuravelar outfit choice among girls for the event. LED  bikini top and tutu are also preferable by the women for the event. Fluffies and giant wing costumes are considered the funkiest outfit among all. Then there are several other accessories too which are totally apt for the event. It can be a special party bracelet, face masks, special party hat and LED goggles etc. You can choose yourself what you want to be like that day. Do you like to be funky or you want to stay a bit simple with a romantic outfit at the event. You can wear anything you like as you wouldn’t get identified if you are wearing a face mask as well and the people as well are least interested in knowing that who you are as they are so much involved in the party.

Ideas for boys:

Guys as always are quick and easy with any type of clothing. The gothic clothes are no different for men in this regard as they are very spontaneous in making up their mind about their dressing. If you want to be casual then go with a t-shirt and denims and nobody would care what you are wearing. If you want to be more in the flavor of the party then they can go for kikwears, phat pants or an LED t-shirt. If the guys are attention seekers and want to be noticed at the event, then they should go for some really funky dressing. Make sure that whatever dress the guys choose for the event, they must feel comfortable and easy to dance in it.

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