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The Evolution of Ladies Rave Fashion Trends


People do get mesmerized and spellbound just by the idea of going to a rave. Everybody wants to look at the best of their attire. Such a gathering becomes special with lots of lights, music, workshops and the peculiar rave clothes. The ever evolving fashion trends raise certain challenges for the attendees as they have to strive hard to be in the most apt and up-to-date clothing. The fashion trends of today have become very weird, subjective and opinion based. It isn’t bad to have a second opinion about your attire, but still you must not be driven by the opinion of others. Try to be decisive about your clothing in your own special way. Look around for the latest trends over the web and pick the most suitable one according to your personality and the occasion.

What should the ladies have?

Fluffies are the first thing that comes in women’s mind while choosing a particular outfit for rave. Fluffies are the knee-long leg warmers for the ladies and it is considered very appropriate for the said occasion. They are usually one size that fits all and are really comfortable to wear. Ladies may also choose to go along with leggings, fishnets or just plain if they so desire. They are considered the best thing that can get anyone in the party mood. Further, they can also opt to go for tutus, swimsuits or some snowball type of winter coats. The head gears are also highly desirable. There are numerous crazy and weird style hats that are very popular among girls. The cyberfalls type of hat is the most favorite. It is made from soft fabric with different attractive colors. Apart from these, the women also like to have a number of other accessories at the rave party. The most desirable among those are the gas masks, LED glasses and several other stem-punk gothic accessories.

Keep your face hidden:

Apart from funky gothic clothes and relevant accessories, you must give special consideration to your face masks as well. The face masks are highly preferred at gothic parties. Your outfit would be totally incomplete if you are in the rave without any face gear. The handmade kandi face masks are considered a sort of mandatory item at the party. These masks are truly called the insane asks due to its X-factor and so much of appeal to the others at the party. There are simple masks as well, but mostly you will find them to be extremely and absurdly intricate. They are available in a range of different colors and styles. Further, you also have the option to customize them according to your preferences. There are also kandi bracelets which are equally popular among both men and women. There are numerous variations of kandi bracelets in a number of different style and designs. The girls and boys love to have it at the party for a number of different reasons. One main use of these kandi bracelets is that the girls and boys exchange that with each other as a token of appreciation and gesture.

Final Verdict:

The rave clothes call for some amazing colors, style and fashion. According to the theme of the occasion, it de

mands from you to be as funky as possible in your attire. You have got so much to do. But, the wise people always advise to be funky, but just be yourself as well. You have so many options to choose from but choose something that makes you comfortable at the party without any second thoughts at all.


What to wear at your first rave


Planning a rave for the first time is always a very exciting thing. There is so much waiting for you at the party that you cannot wait for that auspicious day. If you are so keen about going there then be sure to be ready with the best possible rave clothes. People really get confused about their outfit when they are going to the gothic for the first time. It is very much understandable as the dressing for such type of occasion is really special and a bit weird too. You might not wear your costume anywhere else again due to the so much of the style, colors and x-factor attached with it. This asks you to be extra colorful and should spend wisely especially when you are on a budget. You need to choose the right shop with the right type of attire that you are looking for. Further, it is a useful guide and would help both men and women to get rave-ready in no time. There are a few important factors that you must consider while deciding your particular outfit. The latest trend shows that with time, people are getting more and more crazy and weird with their gothic clothes.

The basics:

No matter, if you are a guy or a girl, just remember to be presentable and be yourself. If you are a shy person then this occasion is really not for you. You need to be bold and try to break all your shyness barriers. No one is judging anyone that day so you can easily be yourself. The other attendees would accept you for whatever you are that day. One important thing that can alter the way you dress at the event is the weather that day and perhaps the venue as well. You must prepare for the event keeping the weather and the venue element in mind.

Ideas for girls:

Kikiwears, t-shirts and phat pants are the most popuravelar outfit choice among girls for the event. LED  bikini top and tutu are also preferable by the women for the event. Fluffies and giant wing costumes are considered the funkiest outfit among all. Then there are several other accessories too which are totally apt for the event. It can be a special party bracelet, face masks, special party hat and LED goggles etc. You can choose yourself what you want to be like that day. Do you like to be funky or you want to stay a bit simple with a romantic outfit at the event. You can wear anything you like as you wouldn’t get identified if you are wearing a face mask as well and the people as well are least interested in knowing that who you are as they are so much involved in the party.

Ideas for boys:

Guys as always are quick and easy with any type of clothing. The gothic clothes are no different for men in this regard as they are very spontaneous in making up their mind about their dressing. If you want to be casual then go with a t-shirt and denims and nobody would care what you are wearing. If you want to be more in the flavor of the party then they can go for kikwears, phat pants or an LED t-shirt. If the guys are attention seekers and want to be noticed at the event, then they should go for some really funky dressing. Make sure that whatever dress the guys choose for the event, they must feel comfortable and easy to dance in it.

How to go about gothic clothes


Being gothic or rave is a complete lifestyle in itself. The partgothic clothesy style ranges from music to lights and finally the highly desirable rave clothes. Dressing is the most crucial, yet the most difficult part to decide for the attendees. Both men and women feel really short of ideas when they are trying to look attractive and unique at the same time. The best thing about rave is that you can do whatever you want without getting identified by others as almost all the participants wear the masks.

Some useful suggestions:

The following are some useful suggestions and tips for your gothic clothes:

  • Just ease into rave – You shouldn’t just rush into any gothic style. Rather, just ease yourself and gradually get into the style. If it is your first time, then you shouldn’t experiment a lot. It is highly advised to dress safe in order to look smart and unique.
  • Determine your style –Such occasions can have many different sense of dressing style. Many of the young people like to dress in a romantic way by wearing nice velvet jackets. There are others who prefer bondage pants, punk, lace items or a spike collar. There are a few who go with goggles, big boots and yarn extensions. Actually, it doesn’t have one particular style. You can choose any style as per your liking.
  • Referring to the fashion and film industry – You can get good inspirational ideas by referring to different gothic movies and fashion shows. They portray the true style and flavor of going rave with the right outfit. All good movies and top fashion shows would only give you the best and authentic outfit ideas according to the occasion.
  • Check out the thrift stores – Thrift stores can be a great idea in order to get some economical but original rave clothes. You can easily find there some amazing pinstriped trousers, casual sweaters and a number of other similar things. In comparison with the specialty stores, the thrift stores would give you almost the same thing and at a very affordable price as well.
  • Considering altering your old clothes – Considering the theme and pattern of the party, you may opt to alter your old clothes as well. You can use laces, ribbons or any other colorful stripes as per your preference. It is a one-off occasion and you can save considerable money on your attire this way. Further, it will also give you the opportunity to customize your outfit as per your choice at the rave. Be sure to be as unique and artistic as possible.
  • Try tight outfit – At the gothic, both the men and women shouldn’t just straightaway try to wear tight clothes. Rather, they should choose the type which looks good on them. However, tight clothes are highly desirable and the people with loose clothes really look out of place at such funky venues.
  • The right type of footwear – At such parties, both men and women should look to wear high boots. Black is the most appropriate color and it usually goes well with most of the attires. However, there are some fashion conscious Goths who highly prefer to wear dress shoes as well at the venue.
  • Hairstyle – There is a myth or a misconception, especially among ladies that they have to dye their hair for the party. But, it isn’t true at all. You can go with your natural hair and can try all sorts of different and funky hairstyles. Its better to go with the style with which you are more comfortable.